What makes Cyprus an Ideal Business Location for ICT Companies (EMEA)

Invest Cyprus Roadshow 2021: Cyprus: An Ideal Business Location for ICT Companies

Cyprus’ appeal as a leading international headquartering location is gaining momentum. Its stable business environment and emerging opportunities in multiple sectors, strategic EMEA access and excellent quality of life are just a few of the many reasons why ICT companies choose Cyprus as a destination to relocate. As a member of the EU and Eurozone community, Cyprus ensures safety and stability for investors, while also offering them market access to more than 500 million EU citizens. A number of international successful technology companies, including, FinTech, RegTech, Entertainment tech (gaming industry) firms, have already either relocated or expanded in Cyprus, using the country as a base and gateway to and from the EU. Innovative research, a rapidly growing startup ecosystem, a highly educated and experienced human talent and a range of incentives render Cyprus a perfect choice to start and scale companies. Applied research is encouraged through EU or national funding. Cyprus offers a highly efficient IP tax regime for the establishment of Intellectual Property (IP) holding, exploitation and/or development for corporations. The Cyprus emerging research and innovation ecosystem, IP Law and favorable tax framework make the country a preferred business destination and IP hub whilst, at the same time, achieving the protection afforded by EU Member States and by the signatories of all major IP treaties and protocols. 

Invest Cyprus is organizing the Roadshow “What Makes Cyprus an Ideal Business Location for ICT Companies” on Tuesday, 25 May 2021 (11:00-12:30 GMT+3).

Conference Audience

The event will be attended by professionals based in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

  • Senior Executives from IT and Technology Companies
  • IP rich corporations (Heads of IP, Heads of Legal, Heads of Tax) 
  • Financial Technology companies (Fintechs) 
  • Partners and other senior professionals from International Legal Firms
  • Partners and other senior professionals from Accounting Firms
  • Corporate Service Providers, ICT consultants, Management Consultants and other professional advisors 

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